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Effective April 2023

这些使用条款所涵盖的网站由外围买球的正规网站公司及其附属公司(不包括CGI度假村控股公司)拥有和运营, LLC, 及其子公司)(合起来, “Cook,” the “company,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). 您应将有关外围买球的正规网站网站和外围买球的正规网站旗下公司拥有或管理的任何网站(“本网站”)或其运营的任何问题,提交给本使用条款末尾所列的联络点.

Please read these terms of use carefully before you use or access any pages of this website. By using or accessing this website, you acknowledge and consent to these terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not use this website. We can change these terms of use at any time by updating this posting, 如果您在更改后使用我们的网站, you accept these terms. 请定期查看这些使用条款的变更.

You are not permitted to copy, distribute, exploit, or use any of the contents of this website for any commercial purpose without our prior, express written consent or the consent of the copyright holder of the materials.  We reserve all rights that we do not expressly grant in these terms of use. We do not transfer to you any right or ownership of any information, content, 或者你从这个网站下载的图片. You may use the information, content, or images only as permitted by these terms of use or if permitted by the copyright holder. 未经我们事先书面许可,您不得在任何服务器或计算机上镜像或存档本网站的任何部分或本网站所包含的任何材料. Requests for permission to use our website’s content should be sent to CustomerSupport@CookMedical.com.

Terms of use

Contents and hyperlinks

本网站包含指向第三方网站的超链接,这些网站由这些独立第三方全权负责. 您使用它们的风险完全由您自己承担. We have no control over the content or policies of those third-party websites, and we are not responsible for (and will not ever be liable for) the contents, accuracy, or reliability of any websites that are hyperlinked from this website. 如果您选择从我们的网站获取信息(包括您通过任何超链接获得的任何信息), you are solely responsible for complying with any applicable laws and requirements.

如果您想链接到我们的网站,请足球外围盘官方网站 CustomerSupport@CookMedical.com 在创建该链接之前,我们可以预览您的网站. 我们不允许未经授权使用我们的标志,商标,或其他图形创建链接. We may permit text links, with prior approval, 但这些链接必须链接到您希望链接到的特定外围买球的正规网站公司网站的主页,而不是网站内的任何其他特定页面, 除非您事先得到我们的书面同意.

User content

我们喜欢听到顾客的意见. However, 我们不接受或考虑任何有创意的想法, suggestions, 或其他与产品有关的材料, services, 或者营销,除非我们特别要求. Therefore, 请不要发送给我们任何原创的创意材料, 比如产品创意或建议. Anything you disclose or offer to us by or through this website (a “disclosure”), including emails to us or postings on interactive portions of this website, 成为并将继续是我们的财产. 您提供的任何信息都是在非保密的基础上披露的, 我们没有义务对这些信息保密. We are free to use, for any purpose whatsoever, any disclosure, which means, for example, 我们可以发布或开发它, manufacture, 并使用您向我们披露的任何信息推销产品. You hereby release us from all liability under any legal theory in connection with the use, modification, or sale of any disclosure. By uploading or otherwise providing any disclosure to this website or to us, you hereby grant us, 在你保留任何权利的范围内, the unlimited, perpetual right to reuse, redistribute, modify, and create derivative works from your disclosure for any purpose and in any media, without compensating you, and you warrant that all moral rights in materials that you upload have been waived.


We do not ordinarily filter, censor, edit, or regulate information and content provided by third parties on this website, 但我们保留这样做的权利. This includes any information provided in comments sections or other interactive areas, 我们既不认可也不负责(在任何情况下我们都不会对内容负责), accuracy, 或这些信息和内容的可靠性.

By posting, transmitting, or otherwise providing information or content through this website (the “Content”), you grant us a royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to use, copy, modify, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate, and reformat your Content.

在参与本网站的互动部分时, 您声明您有适当的权利和授权使用您上传或发布的任何信息或内容, and you agree to abide by the following code of acceptable conduct:

  • 您不得上传或以其他方式提供侵权, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive, illegal, 或者其他不恰当的内容.
  • 您不能上传病毒或有害组件.
  • You will not use the website to further any illegal purpose or to violate anyone’s rights.
  • 您不得上传或以其他方式提供带有商业目的的内容,或试图招揽资金或宣传商品和服务.
  • 您不得上传任何受版权保护的材料.


Patient-focused websites

Websites that are created to disseminate patient literature are to be used only as guidelines. These sites provide basic information about a variety of medical conditions and their treatment. 它们不是用来诊断或治疗某种疾病的. 医疗状况的诊断和治疗根据每个人的独特需求和医生的评估而有所不同. 与任何手术或医疗程序一样,信息和建议的最佳来源是你的医生.


Downloading software from this website does not give you title to that software, including any files, data, and images that are incorporated in or associated with the software. 您对任何此类软件的使用应仅按照软件附带的或下载时提供的许可协议进行. Software that is available on this website is copyrighted by us or by the owner of the software. Software may not be copied, redistributed, or placed on any server for further distribution. You may not sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, or otherwise reverse engineer the software.

对非外围买球的正规网站的描述或参考, service, 或在本网站上发布(包括通过超链接的任何描述或参考)并不意味着我们认可该产品, service, or publication.

Products and software offered through this website will only be warranted, if at all, through the written license or warranty provided in connection with such product or software.


根据美国版权法, any notifications of claimed copyright infringement should be sent to our designated agent. 请参阅下面的“版权侵权索赔程序”.


We make no representations or warranties that this website is free of defects, viruses, or other harmful components. 对于本网站或本公司电脑系统遭黑客入侵或渗透所造成的任何损害或损失,本公司概不负责. 您全权负责充分保护和备份您在本网站使用的数据和设备, 你同意保护我们不受, 你答应不起诉我们, 任何基于您使用本网站的索赔, 包括对丢失数据的索赔, work delays, or lost profits resulting from your use of materials or content from this website.

本网站的网页可能包含技术上的不准确, outdated information, or typographical errors. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we provide our website as is. 我们不作任何形式的保证, whether express or implied, 包括但不限于任何适用于特定目的或适销性的保证, 我们也不能保证质量, data content, 或任何信息的合法性, content, goods, 或者被转移的服务, received, purchased, 或以其他方式通过本网站提供或获得. We do not warrant that this website will be error-free or that defects will be corrected. 适用法律可能不允许排除默示保证, 因此,上述豁免可能不适用于您.

Limitations of liability

我们对其适用性不作任何陈述, reliability, availability, timeliness, 或者信息的准确性, software, products, services, 或为任何目的而通过本网站提供的内容. 本网站及所有相关资料, software, products, services, 内容“按原样”提供,不作任何形式的保证. We hereby disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to such information, software, products, services, and content, including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, 适合某一特定目的, title, and non-infringement. 在法律允许的最大范围内, 在任何情况下,我们(或我们的官员)都不能, directors, employees, (或代理人)不承担任何直接责任, indirect, punitive, incidental, special, or consequential damages, 或者其他任何损害, including, without limitation, damages for loss of use, data, or profits, 因使用或执行本网站或因延迟或无法使用本网站而引起或以任何方式与之相关, whether based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, or otherwise, 即使我们已经被告知可能会有损失. 因为一些州和司法管辖区不允许排除或限制后果性或附带损害的责任, 上述限制可能不适用于您. 如果您对我们网站的任何部分不满意, 或者使用这些使用条款, 您唯一的补救办法是停止使用我们的网站. In any event, 我们的最大责任(以及我们的管理人员的责任), directors, employees, and agents) for losses or damages shall not exceed the amount paid by you to us, if any, 为您访问我们的网站.


We control and manage this website primarily from our facilities in the state of Indiana, USA. Information published on this website may contain references to products, programs, and services that are not announced or available in your country or region. Also, information published on this website may contain references to products, programs, and services that are only available to licensed physicians as required by applicable country, federal, state, 以及当地的法律法规. 我们对该等信息不作任何陈述, products, programs, 本网站所提供的服务均属合法, available, 或者适合你所在的国家或地区.

本使用条款受印第安纳州法律管辖,并根据印第安纳州法律进行解释, USA, 以及美国的联邦法律, 不使任何法律冲突原则生效. 您和我们都不可撤销地同意接受印第安纳州法院的专属管辖权, USA, 与由这些使用条款或其主题引起的或与之相关的任何诉讼有关. You and we both waive any objection based on lack of personal jurisdiction, place of residence, improper venue, 或法院不方便在任何此类行动.

Trademarks and copyrights

Nothing on this website confers any license or any intellectual property right, 包括商标或版权性质的任何权利, 属于我们或任何第三方的, whether by estoppel, implication, or otherwise. 所有品牌和名称均为其各自所有者的财产.

Except as otherwise noted, 我们拥有本网站上的所有商标和服务标志, whether registered or not. 所有注册商标均在美利坚合众国和其他适用的司法管辖区注册.

Securities and investments



如果这些使用条款的任何规定被视为非法, void, 或者因为任何原因无法执行, 那么,该条款将被视为与其他使用条款可分割,且不影响任何其他条款的有效性和可执行性.



尽管我们做了任何关于隐私的声明, 我们保留披露的权利, without notice to you, 我们拥有的任何信息,如果法律要求我们这样做,或者我们真诚地相信这样做是遵守法律所必需的, 保护或捍卫我们的权利或财产, 或是为了应对紧急情况. 本网站的特定区域或页面可能包含与从该区域或页面收集的个人信息的使用相关的附加或不同条款.


这些使用条款代表与您使用本网站有关的完整声明,并优于任何先前或同期的声明, conflicting, or additional communications.

未经授权,您不得进入, modify, 或更改本网站的任何资料,或干扰本网站的可用性或访问. 我们保留所有的法律权利和补救措施, 本免责声明不应以任何方式被视为限制或放弃我们可能拥有的任何其他权利.

本网站的特定区域或页面可能包含与使用本网站有关的额外或不同条款. In the event of a conflict between such terms and these terms of use, 这些具体条款应受控制.

Unless otherwise indicated, all material on this website is copyrighted and owned by us. The copyright notation is visibly displayed at the bottom of this website.

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To be effective, the notification must be a written communication that includes the following:

  1. 签名:物理的或电子的签名;
  2. 认定涉嫌侵权作品;
  3. 识别涉嫌侵权的材料;
  4. 投诉人的联络资料.g.、地址、电话号码及电子邮件地址;
  5. 一份声明,表明投诉方真诚地相信,以被投诉的方式使用该材料未经版权所有人或法律授权;
  6. 声明通知中的信息是准确的, and under penalty of perjury, that the complaining party is authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.