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Effective January 2023

This website is operated by Cook Group. 本Cookie遵守声明解释我们如何在您使用我们的网站和其他数字平台(以下简称“网站”)时使用Cookie和类似技术(如像素标签和网络信标)。. Throughout this Cookie Compliance Statement, we refer to cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, and similar technologies collectively as “cookies.”

This Cookies Compliance Statement should be read together with our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement. 我们可能会在我们认为必要时不时更新本《外围买球的正规网站》. We will post the date of the last revisions at the top of this Compliance Statement. 我们鼓励您定期查看此Cookie遵守声明,以了解任何更改, but we will aim to bring material changes to your attention.


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If you would like this Compliance Statement in another format (for example: audio, large print, braille), please contact us.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device when you use a website. We use cookies on our Sites primarily for the following purposes:

  • To remember your choices and preferences.
  • To control access to secure parts of our Sites.
  • To estimate audience size to our Sites.
  • To measure usage patterns on our Sites.
  • To measure and research the effectiveness of our Sites’ features and advertisements.

For further information on our use of cookies, please see below.

Our use of cookies
Listed below are the categories of cookie technology we use on our Sites:

  • Strictly necessary (or essential) cookies
    这些cookie是必不可少的,使您能够在网站上移动和使用其功能, such as services you have asked for. Without these cookies, those services would not be available to you. These services include, for example, browsing as a registered user, accessing secure areas of the Sites, or making a purchase through the Sites. They also include cookies that we must use to honor opt-out preferences, to the extent that those preferences are linked to a specific user’s IP address. Our Sites use strictly necessary cookies.
  • Preference cookies
    这些cookie允许网站记住你所做的选择(比如你的用户名), your language, or the region you are in) and provide enhanced, more personal features. 提供这些功能可让您在使用我们的网站时获得更好的体验. We use preference cookies on our Sites.
  • Statistical cookies:
    These cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, 例如浏览网站或网站特定部分的访客数量, the pages visitors visit most often, and whether visitors get error messages from web pages. 我们通过统计cookie收集的信息仅用于改进我们网站的工作方式, better understand our customers for marketing purposes, and to help us evaluate usage of our Sites. We use statistical cookies (for example, Google Analytics) on our Sites. 我们可能会将统计cookie中的信息与网站访问者的其他信息合并或连接起来, but we only use this combined information in accordance with our privacy statement.
  • Marketing cookies
    这些cookie收集有关您的浏览习惯的信息,以便制作与您和您的兴趣相关的广告. cookie还用于限制您看到广告的次数,以及帮助衡量广告活动的有效性. 它们通常是由广告网络在网站运营商的许可下放置的. 它们会记住您访问过某个网站,这些信息可能会与其他组织共享, such as advertisers, 他们认为您是对我们的产品感兴趣的人,当您访问我们的网站或其他网站时,他们能够为您提供有关我们产品的相关广告. 营销cookie通常会链接到其他组织提供的站点功能. 我们可能会在我们的网站上使用并允许营销上述cookie和类似技术. 我们可能会使用谷歌Analytics和谷歌Analytics人口统计数据和兴趣报告来收集有关我们某些网站上的访问者行为和访问者人口统计数据的信息,并开发网站内容. For more information about Google Analytics, please visit 您可以选择退出b谷歌收集和处理您使用本网站所产生的数据,请转至 请注意,使用谷歌Analytics可能涉及将通过这些cookie收集的信息传输到美国. More information about the security measures applied by Google can be found at depending on where you are located, 当您浏览我们的网站时,您可以选择不让参与实体使用行业组织开发的工具收集您的在线行为用于广告目的. For example, the Your Online Choices tool, the Your AdChoices tool and the tool developed by Network Advertising Initiative. 您将被引导到行业开发的网站,您可以选择每个上市实体是否可以收集和使用数据用于基于兴趣的广告目的. 在我们的网站上收集基于兴趣的信息的一些第三方可能不参与这些组织或倡议, 在这种情况下,避免第三方跟踪您的在线行为的最佳方法可能是通过您的浏览器设置和删除cookie. You may need to use mobile-specific tools in relation to mobile apps. Please note that the tools are device specific. 如果您希望退出参与实体在所有设备上收集的基于兴趣的信息, you need take the steps outlined above from each device.


We will not place cookies on your device without your express consent, 除非我们为您提供您所要求的服务而需要cookies. 当您第一次访问我们的网站时,您可以在弹出的cookie横幅上同意或拒绝使用cookie. It will save your preferences for one year, 但您可以随时通过点击我们网站上的Cookie设置图标来更新您的偏好. It may be necessary to refresh the page for the updated settings to take effect. You can also clear cookies from your internet browser. 下表提供了清除大多数流行浏览器中缓存的浏览数据和cookie的说明链接.

Instructions for Deleting Browsing Data

Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Samsung Internet

您可以找到有关我们(和/或第三方)使用的单个cookie的更多信息, by clicking “Show Cookies” in the bottom right corner of our Cookie Banner. 通过点击“显示cookie”,您将被定向到我们按类别在我们的网站上收集的所有cookie的列表.

在某种程度上,来自cookie的信息构成个人数据(或与我们网站访问者的其他个人身份信息相结合或连接), we only use this information in accordance with our Privacy Statement, and your rights set out therein apply in the same way. To exercise any such rights, please contact us.

Other third parties (i.e.(除上述各方外)也可能使用我们无法控制的cookie. In addition, on some of our Sites, such as our social networking pages, it is possible that individuals have uploaded third-party content, such as videos from YouTube or elsewhere, or embedded content and sharing tools from other third-party sites. 因为我们不控制任何不是由外围买球的正规网站拥有或经营的网站的cookies的传播, 您应该查看相关的第三方网站以获取有关这些cookie的更多信息, and whether and how you may opt out of receiving them. However, you may disable third-party cookies by adjusting your browser settings. Instructions may be found at

How to refuse all cookies
If you do not want to accept cookies, 您可以更改浏览器设置,使cookie(包括对所请求的服务至关重要的cookie)不被接受. 如果您这样做,请注意您可能会失去我们网站的一些功能. Please visit for further details.