O’Neal School is excited to announce seven fun-filled weeks of summer camp this year! Our O’Neal Summer Experience is open to students both in and out of the O'Neal community. Campers must be at least 3 years old and fully potty trained in order to attend. 
夏令营从早上8点开始.m. - 3:00 p.m. with options for 7:30 early drop off and extended-day until 5:30 PM for additional fees. 露营者需要从家里带零食和午餐以及泳衣, 毛巾, 防晒霜, 还有驱蚊剂.

We are excited to announce that we will also be offering enrichment options this coming season! 额外费用, you can register your camper for our enrichment camps which you can find more information about below. 如果你有兴趣报名参加一个浓缩营, 但不是我们全天的课程, 你也可以这样做.
成本:290美元.每周00美元,但如果你注册了7周,你可以享受折扣! 也可以分期付款.





  • 代数训练营



    In 代数训练营 students further develop skills that will support success in high school math courses class.  除了复习和练习基本的代数策略, this camp will emphasize an inquiry-based approach to learning as students work together to investigate patterns and draw their own mathematical conclusions. Teachers will organize activities and games that promote a better understanding of multi-step equations, 线性函数, 方程组, 二次方程, 和更多的! This camp is open to students who have completed MS Algebra and plan to take Algebra I or Geometry as their next high school course.


    如果您的营员将不参加全天营,请发送电子邮件 summer@anchoram.net 只注册这一节课.
  • 篮球集训营

    This enrichment camp will be offered to campers rising 2nd-8th grade during Week 1 of Camp.


    Falcon Basketball Camp is designed to help both girls and boys of all skill levels and 年龄s increase their knowledge of the game, 在基础知识方面提供个人指导, 在竞争和学习中获得乐趣. 在营地, players will be broken into groups based on skills and 年龄 to provide the best experience for all campers. 最后, many of our Upperclassmen Varsity basketball players will be assisting in running the camp, 我们期待着为我们所有的营员提供一个美好的一周.
  • 工程集训营

    This enrichment camp will be offered to campers rising 2nd-5th grade during Weeks 3 and 6 of Camp.


    你正在为你的夏令营寻找STEM充实吗?  请加入我们为期一周的探索科学领域的有趣项目, 技术, 工程, 数学与实践活动,如设计过山车, 桥梁建设, 设计实验! Campers will work on the strongest bridge and fastest roller coaster design challenge. 
  • 马集训营

    This enrichment camp will be offered to campers rising 4th-8th grade during Weeks 1 8个营地. 夏令营将在六月的周三-周五和七月的周一-周三举行

  • Playwell Teknologies的乐高积木

    This enrichment camp will be offered to campers K-8th Grade during Weeks 2 and 5 of Camp.


    第二周(k -2年级):
    绝地工程反击使用乐高®材料:这就是方法! 准备好踏上你的乐高之旅吧,我们将在卡西克保卫伍基人, 修复叛军在霍斯的护盾发生器, 从吉迪恩手里救出尤达宝宝. 来探索一个遥远的星系吧, far away with the help of an experienced Play-Well instructor and learn which "Force" is actually with us!

    使用LEGO®材料的绝地大师归来: Master The Way of the Jedi in this Star Wars inspired LEGO® 工程 experience. 冒险穿越银河系在你的自定义剃刀冠拯救婴儿尤达, 从塔图因沙漠到霍斯冰封的洞穴探险. Allow our Play-Well instructor to help you complete your Jedi training journey!

    第五周(k -2年级):
    使用LEGO®材料的魔法工程: Come join our fun and knowledgeable Play-Well Instructors as we use LEGO® 材料 to build and interact with our favorite fairy tales! 帮助灰姑娘在午夜前回来, 与彼得·潘和迷失的男孩一起飞翔, 确保爱丽丝智取红心皇后. 我们所需要的是你的创造力和一点魔力,让这一切变成现实!

    使用乐高®材料的非凡工程: LEGO®Builders assembly! We need you to come join our experienced Play-Well Instructors to save the world. 我们将使用乐高®打造最强大的复仇者联盟来击败灭霸, 帮助雷神夺回雷神之锤, 和蜘蛛侠一起在城市里摇摆, 告诉绿巨人....粉碎! Our journey will take us to battles on this world and beyond; are you up to the challenge?
  • 阅读干预集训营

    This enrichment camp will be offered to campers rising 2nd-6th grade during Weeks 1, 2, 8个营地.


    Students in rising second through rising sixth grades can participate in Reading Intensive Camp. This camp is designed for students with a diagnosed learning difference or who struggles with reading. 使用Orton Gillingham方法,使用S.P.I.R.E. 材料, 学生将重点学习语音意识, 理解, 流利, 解码, 和编码. 营员将阅读,写作和玩游戏来加强特定的语音技能. 让我们在学习阅读和写作的同时享受一些乐趣!
  • 机器人和3D打印浓缩营

    This enrichment camp will be offered to campers rising 2nd-8th grade during Week 7 of Camp.


    在这科技狂热的一周, participants will enjoy learning to program robots using block and visual coding. 我们将在机器人迷宫中穿行, 玩“机器人”游戏, 学习在不同的环境中操纵机器人.  营员将探索3D打印的基础知识,并设计一个打印项目! Participants will end the week creating a robot of their very own to take home!
  • 足球集训营

    This enrichment camp will be offered to campers rising 1st-5th grade during Weeks 3, 4, 6, 和7个营地.


    O'Neal soccer camps provide players a rounded soccer experience covering a broad range of soccer techniques, 技战术. Players will be challenged at an appropriate level while receiving instruction in a fun, 积极的环境.


  • 取消/改变政策

    夏令营可以通过电子邮件取消 ONealSummer@anchoram.net.
    If there is a cancellation up until one month prior to the camp, you will receive a 75% refund.
    If there is a cancellation within one month and up until two weeks prior to the camp, 您将获得50%的退款.
    There will be no refunds issued within the two-week window of the camp starting.
    如果你想换营地, you must follow the cancellation process as indicated above and follow the registration process for the new camp. 如果你想注册的新阵营没有出现在注册中, 报名截止日期已经过去,该营地的报名已经结束.


如有疑问或更多信息,请发送电子邮件 ONealSummer@anchoram.net
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